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XRF fused bead sample preparation machine

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XRF fused bead sample preparation machine 


This fusion machine can be widely used in Iron and Steel, Metallurgy, Chemical, Geology, Cement, Ceramic, Refractory material etc. The machine use touch screen to control, easy to control, high level of automation, quick temperature rise, accurate temperature control, energy-saving, stable working condition. The reach up to 1300 degree has good heating effect on hard heating material. You can see the whole process of heating, reduce people operation, it also realize sample automatic in and out, easy to use.

Main Charateristics

1.High operational reliability

This machine designed by our company in 2001, it arrive the best level through the market and improvement in China.

2.Variety working mode

This type design for medium sample, several sample molding mode for choose, you can choose, you can choose one-time forming or reverse mould molding. You can see the whole process of heating, reduce people operation, it also realize sample automatic in and out, easy to use.

3.Best effect

This machine use advanced furnace swing and sample holder revolve design, make sure the sample flow in eddy type, reach to the best uniformity and best effect on air exhausting in shortest time.

4.Suit variety material sample smelting in different temperature

This machine use silicon carbide rod type heating, S type platinum rhodium thermocouple thermometry, LED touch screen plus PLC plus artificial intelligence control, new intelligent operate system, self-inspection of malfunction, easy to operate, reliable working condition, safe and accurate control.

5.Design with multi-item protection function

Design with multi-item protection function like open circuit, overheat. It use hardware and software to make double protection, so the device can keep stable working for a long time.

Technical parameters

Control System AI control
Length*width*high 1100mm×620mm×1050mm
Temperature rise speed average 30℃/min
Rated temperature 1110℃(Max 1150℃)
Temperature Precision ±2℃
Sample quantity 6
Furnace swing angle 0~40°Adjusted
Bracket rotation speed 0~17r/min
Provide 9 line working curve Yes
Choose of smelting time Before swing time: 0~160min  Adjusted
Swing time: 0~160min   Adjusted
After swing time: 0~160min   Adjusted
Ultimate working time 165h
Equipment weight 360KG
Power 10KW  
Power requirement heating circuit 380V, control circuit 220V
Rated Current 30A
Rated Frequency 50Hz


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