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Refractory materials automatic thermal shock testing machine

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This machine is independently developed by our company, applied to refractory water quenching method experiment of automation equipment.

This machine has the features like high degree automation, easy operation, reliable working condition, beautiful shape, superior configuration and high cost performance.


Main Characteristics

1. High reliability:
The equipment adopts the high quality special refractory materials and electrical components, and the advanced design concepts, to ensure that the equipment stable performance, low failure rate.

2. High degree of automation
PLC program control, stable and reliable, and also has the function of automatic initialization.

3. The operation is simple
Automatic mode, a key operational design, convenience for the users.

4. Can be set up experiments
Can be set up according to the need to be flexible experiments, convenient user test.

5. Equipped with multiple protection function
Equipped with multiple protection functions, such as broken accidentally and overtemperature, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.


Technical parameters

Rated temperature

1200℃ (maximum 1300 ℃)

Cooling medium

Flowing water

Sample types

230*114*165 mm standard brick

Sample quantity


Rated power


Rated voltage

380v or  220v

Voltage fluctuations


Rated current


Rated frequency



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