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Laboratory refractoriness testing machine

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The refractoriness testing machine is designed by our company independently, applying for testing material reaches a certain degree of softening temperature under high temperature, resistance to characterize the material properties of high temperature.
Refractoriness furnace adopts the imported high temperature silicon molybdenum rods for original fever, adopting B type thermocouple temperature measurement, high precision temperature control meter to control the heating rate, the use of industrial image acquisition system level image information collection and display on the computer monitor, automatic recording images have been compared, the system can automatically judge inverted cone, and print out the test report (lab report with pictures and temperature information).Can test different six piece at a time.


Main Characteristics

1. High reliability
The equipment adopts the high quality special refractory materials and electrical components, advanced design concepts, to ensure that the equipment stable performance, low failure rate.

2. High degree automation
Equipment is equipped with independent research and development of software, reliable operation, sample at the same time also has a automatic initialization function, sample automatic lifting function, operation is simple and flexible and reliable

3. High precision
High precision temperature control table, precision industrial image acquisition system, and to automatically back taper system, ensuring that the system has high precision.

4. Automatic image
System adopts industrial camera, but fixing the sample cone, automatic image automatically determine whether inverted cone, the experimental data is automatically saved.

5. Equipped with multiple protection function
Equipped with multiple protection functions, such as broken accidentally and overtemperature, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.


Technical parameters

Control mode

PC+intelligent temperature control+high temperature imaging

Rated temperature

1800 ℃

Rotary table speed


Chamber size

190*180*180mm (length x width x height)

Chamber thermal homogeneity

< 5 ℃

Boundary Dimension


Rated power

6 kW

Sample quantity


Power supply

220V  30A   50Hz



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