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Lab gold testing equipment muffle cupellation assay furnace

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The cupellation furnaces are designed for the cupellation, or fire assay test, of precious metals, which is a standard test method used to determine their purity.

This fire assay cupellation furnace is specifically design and develope for the domestic precious metals analysis ("Gold fire assay analysis") . The equipment is used for the thousands gold, ,18K gold sample analysis, High analysis accuracy results.
The cupellation furnace design with reasonable whole structure, complete and reliable temperature control, atmosphere adjust.
Refined step on autometic program setting, high accuracy on temperature display and control, good average temperature based on the warm keeping technology. 
High degree of automation,LED touch screen make operation simple.

Main Charateristics
1. 1200°C maximum operating temperature; 
2. Professional cupellation process control software, with LED touch-screen operator interface, easy to operate. 
3. Unique chamber design, to achieve the desired effect of fire assaying, can significantly reduce lead and lead oxide steam harm the human body. 
4. Door with glass observation windows, fire assaying process can be observed any time, convinient for people to control;
5. The air intake and outlet by automatic control, adjustable opening and closing degree. Intake air can be adjusted, make it easy for controlor provide suitable test environment according to the characteristics of different samples.
6. Appointment automatically boot heating procedures, pre-heating, save time and improve efficiency.
7. The experimental procedure has prompted alarm chronograph function, which can effectively reduce people workload;
8.The equipment provide multi-program setting, easy to test different samples.
9. The device-specific design work logs, real-time recording start time, stop time, fire assaying time, convenient for people to record, inquire the experiment process.
10. Modular design furnace chamber, easy to repair, maintenance and replace interior materials.
11. The furnace use 3 seperate power, reduce power supplier load.
12. Use Heat equalizing plate do radiant heating of the chamber to guarantee the uniform temperature.
Technical parameters

Name Cupellation Furnace
Model NO. HCL-01
Working Voltage 3*380V
Working Current 3*20A
Rate Power 12 kw
Heating Rate 0-15C/min
Max Temperature 1200 C
Chamber Size 360*220*220mm
Dimension 910*740*1660mm


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