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Lab equipment electric annealing furnace

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This annealing furnace is elaborately designed according to the user requirement, suit for small lot production or text. This furnace has the feature like fast warming, good heat preservation, accurate temperature control, high cost performance. User can set most 5 heating curve and each heating curve also can set 10 heating segment according to the technological requirement of heating, easy to operate.

Silicon controlled rectifier trigger circuit make the system warming steady, output stable, and improve the reliability of the equipment.


Main Technical Parameters:

Rated temperature  800℃
Hearth Size 300mm×500mm×300mm
Shape Size 690mm×1010mm×1560mm
Heating rate average 5℃/min
Rated Power 12Kw
Rated Voltage 220V
Rated current 55A
Rated Frequency 50Hz



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