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Automatic high temperature tensile testing equipment

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This machine is carefully developed by our factory to  be used in high temperature refractory materials flexural strength and high temperature mechanical properties testing equipment for the determination of flexural strength. This equipment adopts frame type structure rigidity, thread twin screw transmission mode with high precision, automatic frequency control of motor speed, constant stress automatic loading, high precision pressure sensor, computer control, using the Windows operating platform, in support of the application software developed by simple operation, reliable operation, with automatic heating, heat preservation, loading, data processing, report printing, directly or indirectly from the paperless recording, database management, and other functions, can satisfy the standard of GB/T3002, ISO5013, ISO5014 technical requirements. Equipped with multiple protection function: equipped with multiple protection functions, such as broken accidentally and over temperature, broken rod, the system also has over voltage protection, travel protection function, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.


Main Charateristics

1. Work high reliability
The equipment adopts the high quality special refractories and electrical original, advanced design concepts to ensure that the equipment stable performance, low failure rate.

2. Automation degree is high
Equipment is equipped with independent research and development of software, a key initialization function operation more simple design, with automatic heating, heat preservation, deliver, loading, data processing, report and print, no paper record, database management, etc.

3. High presion
Double screw thread and movement way with high precision, stepless frequency control, automatic constant stress loading, high precision pressure sensor make the system precision is higher.
4. Equipped with multiple protection function 
Has much to protect functions, such as broken accidentally and overtemperature, broken rod system also have overvoltage function, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment


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