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Apparent porosity volume density testing machine

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This tester is special design for apparent porosity and volume density testing with international standard. It is main used to test refractory materials, ceramic materials and other materials.
This tester is mainly used to test the apparent porosity, volume density, absorptivity, true porosity ofthe fireproof material and ceramics. The device contain vacuumize system and weight system. Thevacuumize system make the vacuum pump and vacuum container together, cabinet type structure, size small, weight light, operate easy. 
The weight system use Liquid static balance that 2000g electronic balance, the balance is digital display, accurate weigh and fast speed with wind-proof suspension type weigh tank.


Technical parameters



Inner Balance

Max weigh 500g, Accuracy 1mg

Intracavity absolute pressure


Max text sample (Sample Size)

40(50 × 50 ×50mm)

Vacuumized capacity

415 × 370 × 350mm

Boundary Dimension





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