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What is the difference between fusion and press sample for XRF


At present, there are two kinds of preparation methods, which are compression method and melting method.

In order to analyze the content of elements in the material, we must first obtain some representative sample material, but can not be directly placed on the instrument measurement. One reason is that the sample clamp on the spectrometer is in a fixed shape, so the sample is required to be processed. Compression method is sample, after crushing, pressing into disc shape, so that it can be analyzed.

However, both theoretical and experimental results show that the main factors affecting the accuracy of the analysis are particle size effect, enhancement effect and mineral effect.
Particle size effect of the performance is that the samples of different particles, the surface roughness of the sample tablet, will affect the accuracy of the;

The enhancement effect is that when the density of the elements in the sample is large, it will seriously affect the detection accuracy;

The mineral effect is that the elements in the same structure are in different structure, affecting the accuracy of the. Such as diamond and graphite are composed of C, but the structure is different, measurement, the structural difference of the impact of the accuracy.

In order to solve the above problems, the fusion method is introduced.

Is the melting sample on a diluted flux, high temperature heating, the sample and flux are fully mixed, the formation of melting glass like after cooling. The direct result of this process is to dilute the concentration of the elements, increase the surface roughness of the sample, and damage the structure of the mineral structure in the sample. So in response to the ground, the particle size effect, the enhancement effect and the mineral effect are reduced. A good weld from the appearance, it should be uniform and transparent, analysis of the smooth surface of the weld, but the most important is that the data to have a good reproducibility of the data.