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How to prepare XRF fused bead sample


Preparation method of X – ray fluorescence spectrum analysis. After drying, grinding and mixing the powder mixed with a flux, placed in a special crucible (alloy Pt 95%, Au 5%), from 1000 to 1200 DEG C high temperature heating and melting, after cooling to obtain a uniform, smooth and flat glass samples. There are four commonly used flux anhydrous lithium borate and lithium metaborate or their mixture according to a certain proportion of mixed flux etc.

Sometimes adding flux, such as anhydrous four boric acid lithium, lithium metaborate or their mixture according to a certain proportion of mixture, and add a small amount of release agent, such as ammonium bromide, lithium bromide, potassium iodide, etc.. The types and requirements of quality analysis and selection of sample and flux ratio of the melting temperature as the sample set. The prototype has high frequency and electric heating. The effect of particle size, mineral and structure effect on the particle size, mineral and structure effect in X – ray fluorescence analysis was eliminated, and the precision and accuracy of the main and secondary elements (especially the light elements) were increased.

In addition, according to the molten sample, the calibration samples were prepared by high purity reagent in a certain proportion to solve the difficulty of the lack of standard material in some kinds of samples. A large number of production process due to the dilution flux, elemental analysis increase of line intensity decreases and the background intensity caused, for trace elements (especially trace elements) and the detection limit will be affected.