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How to choose a suitable XRF fused bead sample preparation machine


Different applications should be distinguished to make choices. Now the market application is more silicon carbide heating and melting prototype of high-frequency welding machine; fusion machine of these two types are produced in China.

Personally, if it is used in continuous production test conditions, silicon carbide heating is more suitable, and the mode of heating is easier to create long. And for the laboratory samples, especially intermittent measurement, with a high frequency welding prototype is more suitable for some, because the high frequency melting prototype heating speed.

But it is worth reminding point is that no matter the kind of heating melting machine, have temperature detection and feedback control system, because in many cases, heating, insulation and cooling process is key to the melting quality, especially the loss of relatively large samples, the impact is more serious. If there is no temperature measurement and power feedback control system, with the aging heating element and temperature curve of the actual change, so it is difficult to ensure the consistency of the financial process; will directly affect the accuracy of sample measurement